EL Clasico, the mirror of world football

The game titled El Clasico has indeed become the center of attention of the world that successfully provides a lot of classy entertainment. All this goes outside and inside the field, world class players who play for Real Madrid and Barcelona will prove themselves to be the best.

There are Madrid vs Barca will be present in two matches within this one week. At first, they will meet in the leg 2 of the Copa Del Rey semi-final. Then, they will be a continuation of the Spanish La Liga. This moment will certainly not be abandoned by the two fans, hundreds of millions of football fans from all over the world will certainly watch the El Clasico match, and in Indonesia the big match will be broadcast live by SCTV.

This 2019 edition of EL Clasico provides a record of players from 16 different countries who are members of two Madrid and Barca squads. They not only come from Europe, but also from Africa, Central America and South America. And more complete are players from Spain, Brazil, France, Germany, Wales, Belgium, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina, Portugal, Chile, the Netherlands, Colombia and Ghana.

Ahead of the match itself, these two camps have been throwing sarcasm. Where Santiago Solari claims Barcelona relies only on Lionel Messi, while the Barcelona side insinuates Real Madrid as a weak team because of many complains, as Solari complains about Real Madrid’s busy schedule this season.

For the score prediction of Madrid vs. Barca itself, many judge this match will be interesting with both teams buying and selling attacks. So far, Madrid are more favored because they play at home, but that does not mean Barca cannot do anything. So far, the two teams have had the same victory in the last week yesterday.

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