EL Clasico in the eyes of Madrid and Barca legends

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two most successful and biggest clubs in Spain. La Liga and European titles are always heated by competition from both teams. When speaking of EL Clasico, the match always left a special impression from the players involved in the match.

This week the two teams will be back in the EL Clasico drama. Interestingly, the EL Clasico match will be present in two different events. First, Madrid vs Barca will meet each other in the Copa Del Rey semi-final second leg on Thursday, February 28, 2019. The second meeting will take place in the Spanish La Liga drama, which will be broadcast live by SCTV on Sunday, March 3, 2019, at 02:45 WIB.

Ahead of the super classic match, the legends of these two teams gave each other an impression of view, after playing in a match that could be called a global match, because everyone was drawn to the match.

The following below is the impression of two legends from both clubs.

Fernando Morientes

Barcelona has always been Madrid’s eternal rival from time to time, because they never want to miss each other regarding the title. El Clasico always leaves a special impression and according to Morientes El Clasico’s view is known as a difficult match, but now El Clasico is even heavier with the presence of Lionel Messi.

Morientes felt lucky or unlucky to be able to deal with Messi and was very familiar with Messi’s game. The player was able to give a victory to become the decisive winner in the crucial match Barcelona. Facing Messi is like facing a king over a king.

The most memorable match of EL Clasico Morientes was the first match, when it was in a stressful situation because Barca were in good condition. He felt lucky to be at that moment at the beginning of his first career in Spanish La Liga.

Not only that, Morientes also felt special because of a team with R. Zaragoza and Albacete, but my first El Clasico remained unforgettable because Morientes could score.

Carles Puyol

Puyol always tries to repeat the memories of playing at EL Clasico. He is already planning a match that will be faced, by studying the Madrid players and the direction that will be given by the coach.

Bad experience has been felt by Puyol. Winning and losing is common, because both teams are equally strong from all levels. Now the match will get hotter because Messi is only the only big star player who will compete, because Cristiano Ronaldo is not in Madrid.

Puyol also issued a prediction that Barca will win with a landslide score of 6-2 as Barca are a strong team this season, evidently they still survive at the top of the standings and have a great chance of qualifying for the Champions League quarter-finals.


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