Egy reveals future plan after contract with Lechia Gdansk ends

Egy Maulana Vikri, the young Indonesian star is in the final year of his contract with the Polish club, Lechia Gdansk. In a live Instagram together with Menpora Zainuddin Amali, he finally revealed his future plans.

His name was once the talk of the Indonesian community, after performing brilliantly and was recruited by the highest Polish caste League club, Lechia Gdansk. For the past two years, Egy has defended the club.

Based on the initial agreement, he did agree on a three-year contract, meaning that this year 2020 is the last year in his contract with Lechia. Egy then began to be the target of a number of Indonesian clubs, but the figure nicknamed ‘Indonesia’s Messi’ still wants to have a career in Europe.

“I want to keep playing in Europe,” he said.

According to Egy, a career in Europe made him gain a lot of knowledge, especially the target to become part of the main team of the Blue Continent club has not been achieved until now.

“Want to feel playing in it, continue to want to improve knowledge, want to enter the core squad,” added the player who was nicknamed Lionel Messi from Indonesia.

Egy is indeed difficult to penetrate the main squad at Lechia Gdansk, even in this season’s campaign he only recorded 3 appearances. But the player insists that competition in Europe is indeed not easy.

In fact, according to Egy to penetrate the reserve squad alone, the difficulty is not playing. However, this fact does not necessarily discourage Egy to continue his career in Europe, he is still curious to break into the club’s main squad there.

“To enter the 18 players who will play it is really very difficult, you have to work extra hard. To be sure I want to play in Europe, I still have a sense of curiosity, “said Egy Maulana Vikri.

Furthermore, the man who is known to be close to the daughter of the late Uje, Adiba admitted he wanted to taste the Portuguese League or the Spanish League.

“The next few years my contract runs out. If possible I try in the Portuguese and Spanish leagues, “said Egy Maulana Vikri.

Meanwhile, the Polish League where Egy played also affected by coronavirus. But the plan will resume rolling on 29 May.

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