Effective Ways to Make Your Brain Remember Things

People who are healthy and well fed are perky and their brain is always alert. That is the first clue – good, healthy, nutritious food will help you remember things. In addition, one or two tricks can help you to remember things.

Use of Pictures

Our picture memory is seven to eight times stronger than our verbal memory. So, if you want to remember something, imagine a picture of the idea or object. Then, you can change the picture to suit your flow of ideas. For instance, if you want to remember the amount of money in your bank account, imagine a dog flying out of the bank. It has the number painted on it saying, “$14.29.” It will stick in your memory for a long time.

Use of Linking

Make a link between the words or ideas you need to remember. This becomes a story and you will not forget a single idea or word. Say, you want to remember the words, Newspaper – Stool – Fish – Tile – Hamburger – Envelope – Jupiter – Hat – Safe – Gold. Imagine you are reading the newspaper and all of a sudden, the paper turns into a stool. You try to grab it but it becomes a fish and slips out of your hand. It lands on the floor and becomes a tile. When you reach for the tile, it becomes a hamburger. You put this into an envelope that begins to fly towards Jupiter. As you look up into the dark sky at Jupiter, a hat falls on your head from the darkness. You remove the hat and out pops a safe. You open the safe and it has lots of gold. You will remember everything on the list and repeat it the next day well.

Do Meditation

You can make your mind strong through meditation. Meditation removes the unnecessary “garbage” from the mind. Sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Put your hands in your lap or on your knee. Breathe in and out until you feel your breath slowing. You will get peace and your mind will open. Imagine the change you want to see. Then, you will become more peaceful as you see the attainment of your goal.

Brain Food

Eating “brain food” helps develop the gray matter of the brain. Fatty fish is at the top of the list. This helps nerve cells grow that help in decision-making. Next, is the morning coffee. Fish helps thinking while coffee helps to stimulate the brain activity. Close behind this is blueberries and turmeric. Make sure you have these in your daily diet and your brain will develop fast.

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