Eat 6 times a day, this woman lost weight drastically!

Usually, methods for weight loss usually involve very small amounts of food, even dieters only eat once a day. But it seems that the diet method does not always have to eat a little. For example, recently a woman from Malaysia could lose weight to 40 kg, even though she eats six times a day!

Reporting from World of Buzz, the woman is known as Siti Rohayatul, according to a report revealed, Siti managed to lose weight by 40 kilograms in a span of 8 months. She was 95 kg before. But what’s interesting about the diet method is that the woman from Malaysia actually eats six times a day.

It sounds impossible, does not make sense, how can a woman lose weight with extreme but still eat a lot. But this is what happened to Siti Rohayatul in her weight loss. Now she is only 54 kg! But it is true, Siti eats six times a day.

Luckily, she wanted to reveal what she eat. She was very concerned about the number of calories intake, besides that, Siti also used a small plate, with the aim that the portion of her meal could be limited. In addition, drinking water regularly is also done by Siti Rohayatul. Siti also reduced her rice intake with just a fistful of rice and more side dishes.

Compared to rice that contains a lot of carbohydrates, Siti is more focused on protein intake, by consuming fish and eggs. She also chose a healthy breakfast such as boiled eggs with potatoes and mangoes, and who would have thought if Siti also drinks coffee, because coffee is rich in antioxidants.

For lunch, high-protein rice and side dishes and fiber-rich green vegetables are the choices for Siti Rohayatul. This food menu will still make you full, especially since Siti does not eliminate rice in her food menu.

But besides consuming foods that are rich in fiber and protein, of course, Siti does not forget to support her diet method by doing regular exercise every day.

Penulis: | 20 Desember 2019 | blog