Dybala’s introduction with a ‘young hero’ from Milan

Juventus mega star, Paulo Dybala has just shown his greatest appreciation to the Italian hero named Ramy Shehata by inviting him to the Allianz Stadium to witness the Juventus match in the continuation of the Italian Serie A at any time or free.

The 13-year-old Ramy is credited with being a hero because he managed to save many lives including his schoolmates and teachers from the bus hijacking in Milan. This moment tells the story of a bus driver who has been working there for a long time.

Not knowing the clear aims and objectives, the driver immediately carried out a horror action by tying all the passengers on the bus before finally planning to burn it. The door to the Ramy is when the driver asks for all the cellphones belonging to students and teachers.

But, Ramy managed to trick the hijacker and could maintain his cellphone. Shortly, he immediately asked for help from the authorities by pretending to pray. Until finally, the Egyptian descendant managed to ask for help.

In the end all the passengers of the bus with a total of 51 years survived, and the driver was successfully secured by the ongoing punishment process. As for Dybala, he knew the news, and he felt he had to invite Ramy because he was wearing a Juventus jersey bearing the name Dybala when it happened.

Without delay Dybala immediately invited Ramy to come to the Allianz Stadium. Connect by telephone, even though there is no direct contact from Ramy, but Dybala leaves a message.

“Hi Ramy, I’m Paulo Dybala and I want to say that I heard what you did, you really are a hero. I hear you have my jersey and I’m happy to be able to talk to you,” Dybala said.

“I invite you to the stadium to watch the match, whenever you can. I really hope to meet you. You are a great man, I send you a hug, “concluded Dybala.

So far Ramy has reportedly come to Juventus Stadium as a form of thanks to Dybala for being invited. Apart from all this, Dybala’s career at Juventus was not good, where he was rumored to be a club exchange tool to bring Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

Penulis: | 25 Maret 2019 | blog