Dybala still awaiting for Juventus’ new contract

Despite returning to be the mainstay of this season, Paulo Dybala claimed he still had not gotten a new contract from the club. However, the Argentine young star still hopes to get a brand-new contract from Bianconneri soon.

In the transfer market last summer, Dybala was included in the club’s selling list. But, due to the limited time of the transfer market, the Bianconeri failed to reach an agreement with the players’ interests.

It must be admitted that the former Palermo player appeared less biting last season. Dybala finally survived and this season Juventus changed his mind after seeing the performance of the young Argentinian star.

Yes, Dybala performed nicely this season with 13 goals and 12 assists in all competitions. Bianconneri claimed to immediately remove the name Dybala from the club’s sale list. Instead they plan to extend the contract for the 26-year-old figure.

Actually, Dybala still has a contract until the year 2022. If it is not immediately extended, then Juventus must sell it in the transfer market in 2021 to avoid the status of free transfer aka losing Dybala for free.

Lately, Italian media believe that Juventus are preparing a new contract for Dybala. This follows the fact that several other players such as Chiellini and Douglas Costa have received new contracts.

But Dybala claimed he still had not received a new contract offer to date, even so he was still looking forward to it.

“For now there is no news, really. I still have a year and a half on the contract, which is not so long,”

“I understand that with everything that happened [Corona virus], this is not easy for the club, but other players have also been renewed [contracts], so we are here waiting,” Dybala told CNN.

Furthermore, Dybala claimed to want to stay in Turin, he felt at home with Bianconneri and fully surrendered his fate to the club.

“I have a good relationship with the president and certainly at some point they will come to talk – or maybe not, I don’t know. Everything depends on Juventus, “concluded the player.

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