Dudek reveals he nearly punched Rafa Benitez

Not all players can hold their emotions when there is a decision from the coach not in accordance with his expectations. For example, the former Polish goalkeeper, Jerzy Dudek who had almost punched his coach, Rafael Benitez in the past.

Jerzy Dudek and Rafael Benitez did work together at Liverpool. This Polish man first joined Liverpool, starting in 2001. While Rafael Benitez was appointed as the main manager of the Marseyside Team since 2004.

In the season where Rafael Benitez arrived, Liverpool also won the European Champions League title. Dudek appeared brilliant, contributed greatly to the success of Liverpool at the time, he dispelled several AC Milan players’ penalty kicks in the Final round.

Unfortunately, the role of Jerzy Dudek under the Marseyside Team crossbar can be said to not last long. In the same year, he was displaced from the main squad, along with the club’s decision to recruit Spanish goalkeeper, Pepe Reina.

At that time, actually Jerzy Dudek was ready to leave Liverpool, but coach Rafael Benitez seemed intentionally blocking the player’s move from Anfield. In fact, at that time Dudek really needed more minutes to play because of the 2006 World Cup.

“I told Rafa that the World Cup was in sight and I had to play. Cologne is interested,”

“But a few days before the transfer window closed, they contacted and said,” Why isn’t Rafa talking to us? “I was surprised – I thought everything had been agreed,” Dudek told FourFourTwo.

Unfortunately, that desire was not agreed upon by Liverpool, he then looked very upset with Rafael Benitez and had almost sent a raw punch to the Spanish coach.

“He said,” They only offer loans, and you are too important to us. They want to give 800 thousand pounds, but what if Reina gets injured? I can’t pocket 800 thousand pounds and put it on the goal,”

“Then I found this crazy thought – ‘I want to hit it right in the face.’ This demonic whisper was in my head and said if I hit Rafa, they would let me move to Cologne, “he concluded.

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