Ducati signs Jack Miller, Danilo Petrucci feels disappointed

Italian manufacturer, Ducati officially recruited Australian rider Jack Miller to be their line up in the upcoming 2021 season. This decision apparently made another rider, Danilo Petrucci feel disappointed.

Earlier this week, the Ducati Team announced a partnership agreement they had reached with Jack Miller. The 25-year-old rider officially became their recruitment for the upcoming 2021 season campaign.

Ducati’s consideration for recruiting Jack Miller is due to the deadline to announce their line up next season.

Even so, so far it is known, whether the Australian rider will be tandem Andrea Dovizioso next season or not. What is clear, the recruitment of Jack Miller makes Petrucci feel disappointed.

Not feeling threatened, but because Ducati recruited other Riders during the campaign this season has not even been rolled out.

“I am disappointed because the decision was taken before the race. I want the team to make decisions based on the driver’s current performance. Now we don’t have a ‘weapon’ in defense, that is the result. So we can do nothing but wait without being able to prove ourselves, “he said as quoted by Motorsport (dot) com.

This season’s MotoGP is being suspended because of the Corona pandemic, where plans for a new race will start again in July 2020.

Although somewhat brief, but Petrucci is determined to prove himself so that he becomes the mainstay of Ducati next season.

“At first, I was a little disappointed, but I still have time to defend Ducati this year and I will try to achieve good results in order to prove I really deserve to be a place. Ducati must choose between me and Andrea, even though I haven’t gotten any proposals, “he said.

Keep in mind, Jack Miller and Petrucci are actually close friends, both of them being friendly off the track. He too regretted that now must compete with close associates in order to become a mainstay rider next season.

“Jack and I spent a lot of time together outside the track, even motocross training together. But on the track, all riders fight each other, and unfortunately everyone does have to think about what is best for themselves,” concluded ‘Petrux’.

Meanwhile, Andrea Ianonne is still sanctioned a ban on appearing because of a doping case that happened to him in late 2019.

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