Ducati revealed reasons why sign Jack Miller on a-year contract deal

Jack Miller is certain to be a Ducati rider next season, only the Italian manufacturer gave a one-season contract to the Australian rider. The contract duration is short, and tends to be unsafe.

A few weeks ago, Ducati did announce the agreement they had reached with Rider Pramac Racing, Jack Miller. In the announcement, Ducati claimed to have hooked Jack Miller to become one of their riders next season.

It’s just a question mark is the Ducati decision to only give a one-year contract to the 25-year-old rider.

Jack Miller himself admitted he had no objection to the duration of the contract, but nevertheless it was a very short contract. This Australian rider tried to see a short contract as a motivation to prove its quality.

Now it is the turn of the Ducati Corse Manager, Paolo Ciabatti, to speak about this short contract. Agree with Jack Miller, a one-year contract should be a separate motivation for the rider to prove himself.

“It’s not bad for the team to be flexible in making decisions. In this case, we have to choose Jack without having to see him race in 2020. Jack is a promising rider, but still has to confirm his progress.

So directly signing him for two seasons would be inappropriate, “Ciabatti said.

Of course Jack Miller initially asked for a two-year contract at the Italian manufacturer, only after hearing reason for reasons from Ducati, he was willing to only be contracted for one year.

“We discussed this with him. It’s clear that riders want a two-year contract, a contract that can ‘protect it’ better,”

“But Jack understands our situation and actually sees it as motivation to prove himself that he deserves to be defended in the factory team in 2022. This is also the way our team makes decisions before the 2020 season begins,” he said.

Jack Miller is only 25 years old, but quite experienced with MotoGP racing competitions. He even played in the highest class since 2010.

Will the Australian rider be able to look brilliant with Ducati next season?

Penulis: | 15 Juni 2020 | blog