Ducati Must Watch Out For The Losail Series Race In Qatar

The first and second series races of the 2021 season will be held at the Losail Circuit, Doha, Qatar. Regarding this, the Monster Energy Yamaha Team Rider, Fabio Quartararo said that the Ducati Riders had the potential to become the masters of both series.

If you look back, Ducati has indeed mastered the Losail track in the 2018 and 2019 editions. One of them was through Andrea Dovizioso who managed to inflate Marc Marquez right at the last corner.

Whereas in the 2020 series yesterday, the race at the Losail Circuit was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, where throughout the racing season it was only focused on the European continent.
But it seems that the situation now has improved so that the race at the Losail Circuit, Qatar will be held in the first series 26-28 March 2021, and the second series on 2-4 April 2021. So, will Ducati will return to power in the first two series later?

Of course this will be answered later when the race takes place, which is clear one of their riders, Jack Miller, has recorded the fastest time in the Pre-Season Trials last weekend.

It is for this reason that Fabio Quartararo dares to say that other riders will be very wary of Ducati riders in the first two series of this season, which took place in Qatar.

“On this track, of course we are worried about the speed of the Ducati. In Jerez or Le Mans, not really. Here, the straight track is more than 1 km, so we are worried.”

“We can’t increase engine power, so we have to fight hard. But if you think too much about the power of the Ducati, then we lose focus, “said El Diablo via Crash.net.

As for the 2021 season, Fabio Quartararo will defend the Yamaha Factory Team, of course the French man really enjoys his new team, but along with him there will be greater responsibilities.

“The responsibility of the factory team riders is very big. But we developed a very good bike with Maverick. He has been a factory rider for six years, so he is experienced.”

“However, it is still strange seeing all the engineers listen to me. Every word I say is crucial. I have to be smart, say a few words, but also have to be precise, “he said.

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