Ducati claims approaching Marc Marquez, but the negotiation doesn’t take place

Paolo Ciabatti as Director of Sports Ducati Corse confirmed Marc Marquez’s recent claims about his approach. It’s just that the approach is endless sweet, even the negotiations did not take place.

Following the fact Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci began to age, Ducati was actively targeting young riders with bright prospects. The two riders who reportedly became their main targets are Marc Marquez and Maverick Vinales.

Interestingly, Marc Marquez himself had confirmed the news in an interview with Italian media, Sky Sports recently.

The nine-time world champion claimed that Ducati had requested information about his situation with Repsol Honda through his manager, Emilio Alzamora. However, in his statement, Marc Marquez claimed never interested in joining Ducati.

Or in other words, from the beginning the 27-year-old rider felt that staying in the Repsol Honda Team was the best decision for his career. However, the Spanish Rider did not rule out the possibility of joining the Italian manufacturer in the future.

“I was also contacted by Ducati, who asked for information. But from a sports standpoint, Honda is the best project. Right now I reject them, but in the future, who knows?” said Marquez, who was confirmed by Ciabatti.

Ciabatti then confirmed what Marquez said. His party indeed had approached the rider through Emilio Alzamora, only there was no continuation of that approach. In fact, the process of discussion and negotiation has never taken place.

“That is indeed true. In 2019, we will talk to Emilio Alzamora, remembering Marc’s contract will expire. It’s clear and understandable that everyone is interested in Marc. ”

“But we were immediately told that they wanted to know in advance Honda’s plans, so we didn’t go through negotiations,” he concluded.

Marc Marquez, 27, finally decided to stay at Honda and agreed to a four-year contract with a Japanese manufacturer. This four-year contract broke the record in MotoGP history as the longest contract ever reached.

Unfortunately, Marc Marquez still has to struggle with independent quarantine in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Penulis: | 14 Mei 2020 | blog