Drinking too much cold water, bad for health!

In the midst of hot weather, thirst usually comes more often, to quench your thirst, most people choose to sip cold water.

Indeed, drinking cold water in hot weather feels fresh, but too often drinking cold water is also not good for health. There are several effects that caused from the habit of drinking cold water, including:

1. Inhibits digestion

Have you ever had difficulty defecating? This could be caused by the habit of drinking cold water, because as quoted from Ndtvfood, water or cold drinks make blood vessels tight, thus inhibiting digestion.

Not only makes it difficult to defecate, the frequency of drinking cold water can also inhibit the natural process of absorption of nutrients in digestion.

A simple example is when the body’s normal temperature is 37 degrees C, the body will replace it by expending energy to regulate the temperature, because we drink water or drinks with low temperatures.

Well, this extra energy will be used to regulate the temperature in the digestive process so that it absorbs nutrients.

2. Sore throat

Most parents will forbid their children to drink cold water too often, because they think it will cause you a sore throat.

In fact this is so, because drinking cold water, especially after eating, will produce a buildup of excess mucus (respiratory mucosa), which forms a protective layer of the respiratory tract.

When the channel is blocked, then our throat can be stricken with infection so a sore throat occurs.

3. Drain energy

Although drinking ice water can provide freshness, quoted from Babamail, it can also drain energy because the body must use extra energy to warm the ice water in the body and adjust it to an average temperature according to body conditions.

No wonder so many people actually feel weak or sleepy after consuming water or cold drinks.

So, is it dangerous to consume water or cold drinks? Of course not, with a reasonable amount. If the weather is hot, it’s good to drink water or cold drinks just without overdoing it.

Penulis: | 27 Juli 2020 | blog