Drink coffee good heart and cure migraines

Coffee is a delicious drink served warm, especially if it is enjoyed in the morning, it feels more fresh body and mind, so it is more eager to undergo a day of activities. In addition to pumping up the spirit and refreshing the mind, drinking coffee turned out to be efficacious to nourish the heart and overcome the headaches, aka migraines.

In Indonesia itself there is a variety of coffee spread, but the most common and widely found is the type of Arabica and Robusta. The main difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee is its taste. Robusta coffee has a strong aroma and taste, while Arabica coffee has a greater variety of flavors and aromas.

In addition, caffeine levels in these two types of coffee are also different, Robusta Coffee generally contains higher caffeine levels so that the bitter taste is more concentrated, while Arabica Coffee tends to have lower caffeine levels, making it safer for our stomach. So, which coffee is better for consumption?

“Arabica or robusta coffee still has caffeine. Indeed, Arabica caffeine is lower than Robusta, but patients suffer from gastritis if caffeine consumption can still increase stomach acid. It is good to minimize this so that for people with ulcers, a maximum of one cup of coffee per day, “said Dr. Lonah SpFK as a Clinical Pharmacological Specialist.

In addition, Robusta Coffee also contains Chlorogenate compounds more than Arabica Coffee and the fact that these contents can nourish our heart. It is known, the content is good in maintaining the functioning of the heart. The higher caffeine content can also treat headaches or migraines.

Only, confirmed by Dr Lonah that excessive consumption of coffee is also not good for the body, can cause chronic headaches. So that is safe for consumption in a day is three cups, no more than that.

“Keep in mind, if excessive, it would interfere with health such as chronic headaches. A cup of coffee is 100 mg of caffeine and the safe limit is 300-400 mg per day so that in a day there is no more than 3 cups, “he said.

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