Draw against Atalanta, Inter Milan must improve

Inter Milan were forced to have to relinquish the top of the standings to the defending champions Juventus after only being able to draw at the 19th Giornata last weekend. Apart from these disappointing facts, striker Lautaro Martinez highlighted the performance of his colleagues. According to this Argentinian player, Inter Milan must quickly clean up and rise.

For information, Inter Milan did face Atalanta in the 19th Italian Serie A Giornata. The match itself took place at the San Siro Stadium, Milan on Sunday night WIB (12/01). Appearing before his own supporters, Inter appeared dominant. Antonio Conte’s care club records possession of 62 percent, compared to 38 percent owned by Atalanta.

In fact, the Nerazzurri managed to score first thanks to the good action from their mainstay striker, Lautaro Martinez. Playing one-two with Romelu Lukaku, Martinez managed to break into the Atalanta goal with a right foot shot. Nahas, Inter Milan agal to maintain these advantages. In the 75th minute, Robin Gosens managed to change the position to a 1-1 draw.

In the remaining time of the match which is still quite long, Inter Milan failed to take advantage of the opportunity to get back ahead, the score lasted 1-1. This draw is clearly a disaster for Inter Milan, they lost the top of the standings, the article Juventus who stalking in second place managed to win over AS Roma. Now the throne of the standings is occupied by Bianconneri with a two-point advantage.

Related to these failures, striker Lautaro Martinez does not deny that the match against Atalanta is very difficult. Moreover, the visitors managed to equalize, despite playing under pressure. Therefore, the Argentine asked Inter Milan to improve his performance.

“I think this is going to be quite difficult for us, we are pressing opponents from their defense and have good intensity, unfortunately their goal is created from a strange situation,”

“Even so, we have to win in the next match (against Cagliari). We know Atalanta are a strong and fit team, we will continue to work hard, because we had a wonderful first half of the season. We need to improve the game. Atalanta confronted us well in the second half, “said Lautaro Martinez.

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