Doviziozo denies retirement issues at end of season

Drivers from Italy, Andrea Dovizioso flatly denied claims that he said he would retire after the 2020 season ended. The Ducati Rider Team confirmed that he would announce if he planned to hang up the helmet.

This season, Andrea Dovizioso still holds the status of a Ducati rider, only the process of negotiating a new contract between the two parties took place a lot.

Until now there has been no new contract agreement, no wonder if speculation about the future of the rider began to scatter. Many parties began to be provoked discussing the puzzle of the future 34-year-old racer.

Including one MotoGP observer, Carlo Pernat who believes that Dovizioso will hang his helmet at the end of this season. But responding to these speculations, the rider gave a firm rebuttal.

“It’s really not true that I want to retire. If I really want to retire, I would have already announced it, “he said simply as quoted by the GPOne.

Conversely, Dovizioso is actually really motivated by the new season which so far has been made up of only 13 races.

The Corona Virus Pandemic indeed forced a number of early MotoGP series this season, however the competition will still be rolled out in the middle of a pandemic. It’s just that, unlike previous seasons, this season’s MotoGP will be shorter.

Besides consisting of only 13 races, it was mentioned that there were only five European countries involved by using only 8 Circuits. Dovizioso views the positive and negative lessons from this situation.

“I think the new calendar has both negative and positive sides, considering that some of the friendly and unfriendly tracks were deleted. This season will be short, so the consequence is we cannot make mistakes, “he said.

By only involving eight Circuits this season, it means that there are four of them who will hold two races. So far there is no complete information about it, but he still believes Marc Marquez is still a champion candidate.

“The fact that we will race twice on the same track will still be a puzzle. I cannot predict who will benefit from this. But Marc Marquez will clearly be able to go fast from the start, “he concluded.

Penulis: | 30 Juni 2020 | blog