Dovizioso’s new future will be negotiated after this season begins

Finally, there is a little bit of a bright spot regarding the future of Andrea Dovizioso, which continues to be the news of the media lately. It was Paolo Ciabatti as the Director of Sports for Ducati Corse who admitted that maybe a new agreement was reached after the race rolled again.

Over the past few weeks, the Italian manufacturer has often been linked to Jorge Lorenzo who is actually a former rider of their mainstay. The plan is believed to be an anticipatory step if a contract agreement with Dovizioso is not reached.

Indeed, Jorge Lorenzo has officially hung a helmet since the end of 2019 yesterday, but the man from Spain seems to still want to race. It was also seen from his enthusiasm to become a Yamaha Wildcard rider this season.

Unfortunately, due to the reduction in the number of paddocks that were present, the decline in Wildcard riders was no longer possible. On the one hand, Yamaha also has no place for Jorge Lorenzo, because the composition of the Manufacturing and Satellite teams is full.

For this reason too, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing, Lin Jarvis, said Lorenzo was better off at Ducati if he wanted to race again. Naturally, if he was then associated with an Italian manufacturer.

Ciabatti claimed that he would not rule out the return of Lorenzo.

“He wants to return to racing in full is also a fact that is known to many people. Lin Jarvis said that if he wanted to return, there would be two empty spots, namely Ducati and Aprilia, “Ciabatti said as quoted by Motori Online.

As for the matter of Dovizioso, there must still be an evaluation carried out, in other words an agreement might only be reached after this season is rolled out.

“We are conducting many evaluations, including with Dovi. We have been conducting negotiations and discussions, even before we face the 2020 season, because as we know, the current situation is very difficult for all teams, “he said.

The new contract with Dovizioso has actually been prepared, it’s just that the rider is not willing to cut his salary. While Ducati on the one hand is experiencing financial problems after the Corona Virus pandemic made competition delayed.

“Given that several sponsors have stopped and reduced costs, we’ll see. I think the most logical is to wait for a few races to see a broader picture, both for us and the racer. After that, we will conduct an evaluation, “he concluded.

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