Dorna Sports discuss plan to hold MotoGP without an audience

At present, the continuation of the MotoGP competition is still unclear. The best solution in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic is to hold a race without spectators. Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta was determined to realize the discourse.

In a recent interview, Ezpeleta claimed that he would continue to discuss the discourse and how the protocol should work. Complicatedly, even without an audience, MotoGP actually still involves a lot of people.

The reason is, there are those who work in Paddock and who must remain in the Circuit as an official race. Therefore, Dorna Sports will try to reduce the number of people who are present during the race for the purpose of obtaining permission from the local government.

IRTA also claimed to have sent a letter to all the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 contestants to provide information on how many people were present who were very crucial in the circuit and paddock during the race.

“We are preparing a protocol with relevant authorities, for example the Sports Council in Spain and the Italian Olympic Committee, plus different laboratories, which can control the entire contents of the Grand Prix paddock,” Ezpeleta said.

There are about 1,000 people who must be present in the MotoGP race, but Ezpeleta stresses that the number should be reduced as much as possible.

“In the scenario that we have currently considered, there could be races without spectators, with the least number of personnel on the circuit, both from the team and the organizer,” Ezpeleta said.

Serious efforts were also made by Dorna Sports regarding this discourse, by providing 10,000 COVID-19 tests. Later, everyone involved in racing must undergo a test twice a day every weekend.

“We have discussed with the company owned by Bridgepoint (also the parent company Dorna) about the possibility of providing 10,000 corona virus tests, to conduct tests to all members of the MotoGP family at the beginning and end of each day,” he concluded.

In total there have been seven first MotoGP series 2020 seasons, which have been postponed due to this pandemic. In fact, two pre-season trials have been rolled out, each at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia and at the Losail Circuit, Qatar in February.

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