Don’t force toddlers if they don’t want to be kissed

Seeing a toddler is adorable, wants the heart to continue to kiss her cheek, especially the fragrance of a toddler is so typical. But it must be remembered, when a baby or toddler does not want to be kissed, then we must not force the will. This can cause the toddler to suffer a serious injury that can cause paralysis, such as a recent viral strain.

Yes, recently a story on Facebook went viral, about a toddler who almost suffered paralysis due to avoid being kissed by someone. This story was shared by ‘Apri Apri’ account, which is none other than the mother of the toddler himself. Told, that initially her child was in good health.

Then there is someone who forcefully kisses the child, holding the child’s head in both hands. The child like trying to avoid, so that his neck is interested.

“Before my child was healthy, not sick, and normal like a normal child. This child wants to be kissed but the position of the kissing hands is on both cheeks of the child to the head. The child struggles to move his body and head, “Apri said as reported by

After the incident, the child cried loudly, and at first Apri suspected that her son had only an ordinary neck injury. But the strangeness of the child’s head began not to stand upright and his left hand was stiff. Worried that her child was having a serious problem, Apri then brought the baby to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

The mother was shocked when she learned that the MRI showed the bone marrow in the neck of her child was bleeding profusely, and almost suffered total paralysis.

“The doctor only explained about the results of MRI in the cervical spinal cord bleeding and approaching total paralysis. According to the doctor, it may be when the child rebelled from the neck pulling to the left that was the cause. If you pull it up, it might still be safe, “he continued.

So how can neck movements be fatal like that? There are many causes, but clearly the neck is one of the nerve centers of humans, hence sudden movements can have fatal consequences. Usually occurs because there is fragility so that neck movements trigger the rupture of blood vessels. So this is also the reason why ringing the neck is not recommended.

Penulis: | 14 Desember 2019 | blog