Donna Agnesia confirmed positive for Covid-19, this is what Darius Sinathrya feels like

Another bad news comes from the entertainment world, where one of the senior presenters, Donna Agnesia, was found positive for Covid-19. So, how does the husband, Darius Sinathrya, feel?

It must be admitted that Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia are known as a romantic couple, and it has never been heard that their household is not getting along.

In addition, both of them also often upload photos of activities with their small families on Social Media. But unfortunately, this couple had to temporarily separate, after Donna Agnesia was caught with the Coronavirus.

Darius and Donna’s family did a PCR test on January 23, the result was Donna Agnesia tested positive, while Darius and his children were negative.

Darius then encouraged Donna through his Instagram account, and was sure that his wife could get through this time.

“I know you are strong and can get through everything, I will always be there to accompany and strengthen you through this condition until you recover and recover from this disease,”

“Always be excited, honey, we all love you,” wrote Darius as a caption for the photo of his wife he uploaded.

In another upload, Darius revealed that his wife was the one who most often reminded him to carry out health protocols during the pandemic, but he was the one who was infected with the Covid Virus.

“You are the most nagging always remembering that I wear a mask when I go, bring hand sanitizer in the car, remember to take vitamins every day. You always take care of me & the kids, but the virus chose you … you know the same virus is beautiful,” said Darius Sinathrya.

In closing, Darius then returned to encourage his wife to quickly recover from the Corona Virus. He even promised to take Donna and the children for a vacation to a remote place far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

“Patience & enthusiasm, honey, I believe you can get through all of this, get well soon, we are all waiting for you at home. Hurry up and I will go home and take another tour, to a remote area where there is no virus there. Let you laugh again. Sorry. I can’t take care of you …, “he said.

Penulis: | 26 Januari 2021 | blog