Does Poland Have What It Takes To Finish At Pole Against Colombia?

It’s not going to be the battle for a pole position of only the match either, it would be a battle to finish at Pole of Group H as the two strongest teams of this group take on each other in the second week of FIFA world cup on 24th June. Touted as the battle of teams that are past their peak, Colombia and Poland would be looking to hit back at their critics with a win when each of them face off with the toughest team on the papers before they make it to the quarters. A win will not only give the respective team a morale booster before the quarters, but also a comparatively easier deal in the quarters.


It all was 36 years back when Poland finished third in the FIFA world cup. Since then they have struggled to leave their mark on one of the biggest sporting events of the world. Their journey, this time though, isn’t going to be a cakewalk either. They rely heavily on Lewandowski to cover it up all of them with some support from Piotr Zielenski who could be a headache for Colombia because of his technical superiority and ability to score long-range goals. Strategy has to be clear, mark Colombian men and give Lewandowski the open spaces to get his way through to the goal.


They have lost the flare since their last heroic outing at the FIFA world cup. The star James Rodriguez, who was seen as the star of future, has lost his way to greatness and Colombia can’t be expecting much from him. Though there is more than enough talent that can save the day for Colombia, however the only silver lining is the strength of steel at the back with Yerry Mina, Stefan Medina and Davinson Sanchez. They need innovation to overcome Poland. Counter Attacking at each Polish and attempt to goal could get them a lucky break. Patience shall be the virtue they might essentially need.

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Although football is a team game, some star players can make it look more like one-man affair, especially if there isn’t much challenge from the opposition. If Lewandowski finds a way through the Colombian wall, which he probably can find as he is in the rich form, expect Poland to run away with the winning title.

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