Do You Envisage Home-Ground Advantage to Russia in the Ensuing Match with Uruguay?

The fact that these squads met in a friendly encounter more than five years ago makes the first competitive match between Uruguay and Russia very interesting to all the football lovers. The winner of the match scheduled on 25th June would be facing either potential Spain or likely Portugal. Therefore this match would decide either a runner-up or a winner from the Group-A.


You can see an impressive play when you have a few star performers with stellar action on the field. Probably, it may not be inappropriate to rank the squad only next to Brazil in some respects.

It is certainly an injustice if you are missing the names of either Luis Suarez or Edinson Cavani. Both the players placed almost at equal caliber in proving their prowess with the ball, it would be difficult to assign the Numero Uno position. Luis Suarez who has standardized his striking style has at least 30 goals to his credit during the preceding seven seasons at his clubs. Cavani too has about 40 goals during a couple of seasons and you can, therefore, rank him equally talented.

More than the skill with the ball, Cavani has also displayed his national team spirit when he sacrificed on a number of occasions.

The 26 years old midfielder Matias Vecino has been a role model for the next generation of football players. His creativity in balancing the midfield and retrieval efforts for the ball are laudable. The strong midfield of the Uruguay squad is because of Vecino.

The coach Tabarez also aims to take the team at least to the semi-finals. The looming feeling of the last chance in the World Cup for Diego Godin, Suarez, and Cavani besides Tabarez will pressurize the team for achieving the accolades.


Of course, the Russian squad does not bask under the ‘host tag’ with an impressive line-up.

All the eyes of the football lovers would be on the central midfielder Aleksandr Golovin to watch his responsibility as a poster-boy role for the squad.

The strategy of retaining the same team for a couple of years has paid-off to Stanislav Cherchesov, the Manager of the team. In fact, the credit goes to him when he won five of his games as in-charge of the Russian team. He has a daunting task to perform in maintaining a strong defensive team with his pep up talk and compensate for the fact that there are no multiple stellar players in the squad.

It is interesting to watch how much advantage the Russian squad will drive from being a host team.

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