Despite Madrid won La Liga title, Hazard admits it’s the worst season

The success of Real Madrid to win the Spanish La Liga this season does not necessarily make Eden Hazard as a new employee of Los Blancos also satisfied. In terms of individual appearance, the Belgian player considers this 2019/20 season the worst in his career.

The 29-year-old playmaker joined Real Madrid in the transfer market last summer after being redeemed for 100 million euros from Chelsea. His high price is fairly reasonable, because the performance of the player with Chelsea is fairly good.

Since being bought from Lille in 2012, Hazard has scored 110 goals in all competitions before moving to the Santiago Bernabeu. During this period, the Belgian player recorded 6 championship trophies, including two of which were Europa League titles.

All these facts make Hazard must bear a heavy burden, the public certainly hopes the player can perform as expected. Moreover, not a few people who consider Hazard as a successor to Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, let alone to equate Ronaldo nicks in his debut season with Real Madrid, Hazard is far from good, let alone satisfying. He only recorded 21 appearances and scored just one goal in between.

No wonder, even though Real Madrid won the La Liga championship this season, but Hazard considers this season the worst in his career as a footballer.

“This year we collectively won the [La Liga] title, but I have had the worst season of my career,” Hazard told FranceInfo.

Real Madrid managed to lock in the title this season after their victory over Villarreal at the 37th Jornada last week. Related to this success, Hazard sent flattery to coach Zinedine Zidane.

“We all know Zidane as a player, he is the best, but as a coach we don’t even need to explain anything about him anymore,” he continued.

“He has shown, in just a few years, that he has become one of the best coaches. He is a figure who knows how to say something at the right time, he trusts players and vice versa, “he concluded.

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