Demand has been revoked, perpetrator’s parents of Syifa Hadju rape threat crying

Perpetrator of Syifa Hadju rape threat has finally been officially released. The beautiful 19-year-old actress officially withdraw her case against HA.

The world of entertainment in the country was indeed horrendous with Syifa Hadju’s visit to the South Tangerang Regional Police recently. It is known, it turns out the 19-year-old girl received the threat of rape to murder.

Rizki Nazar’s lover claimed to have been threatened by someone unknown through a private message on Instagram. The person threatened to rape and kill Syifa.

This threat was actually ignored by the actress, but in the end, the Mermaid in Love soap opera player reported to the Authority.

The police acted quickly to investigate this case, and finally found the fact that the terrorist was a junior high school graduate, who worked as a photographer with the initials HA.

Even though it is not intended to kill or rape Syifa Hadju, HA is still threatened with imprisonment for violating Article ITE. Fortunately, the beautiful actress have withdrew her lawsuit against HA, so the case has ended peacefully.

HA’s mother, Sri Suwarni seemed to cry with emotion to hear that Syifa had forgiven and dropped her accusations against HA.

“Thank you, I never thought. Maybe the media partners don’t know how my child is. My child has special needs, I am his mother who gave birth until 25 years of testing from God has never been completed. But I must accept that God willing, my way to heaven, “said Suwarni.

She also promised to prevent HA from doing the same thing in the future.

“Ms. Syifa already knows exactly what her child looks like, so it doesn’t match what was written in sosmed. Maybe it’s me as a mother who can’t say. Just say thank you from the reporter who has given forgiveness to my child, “said Sri Suwarni.

Previously, the police revealed the motives of the HA perpetrators to spread the threat to Syifa. And apparently, HA is one of the big fans of the artist. It’s just that the message he sent to the idol never returned.

Finally, HA was determined to spread terror in order to attract the attention of the figure he idolized.

Penulis: | 6 Maret 2020 | blog