Defeated from Juventus by walkover, Napoli plan to submit a formal appeal

Napoli will certainly still find sanctions in the form of losing to WO from Juventus and a one point deduction, even though they have already filed an appeal. Interestingly, Partenopei plans to continue to appeal again to other courts.

Actually, the duel between Juventus and Napoli has been planned since a few weeks ago at the Allianz Stadium. However, Partenopei was ultimately reluctant to come to the stadium to play matches as scheduled, after finding 2 of their players contracted the corona virus.

Juventus still wants to hold matches because there are no instructions to change the match schedule. Meanwhile, Napoli did not want to attend because they claimed not to have received permission from the local health authorities.

With Napoli’s refusal, the Italian Serie A finally sanctioned the Partenopei in the form of a 0-3 WO defeat to Juventus plus a one point deduction.

Feeling that they did not accept the sanction, Napoli then filed an appeal. Unfortunately, on Tuesday (10/11) local time, the Italian Court of Appeals for Sport announced that they had rejected Napoli’s appeal.

“Napoli deserve the sanction because it is not impossible for them to keep playing in that match. Napoli’s behavior effectively creates an alibi for themselves not to play,”

“Their behavior in the days leading up to the match has been aimed at not playing, clearly violating the basic principles of sporting justice based on, namely justice, decency and honesty,” said the official statement of the Italian Court of Appeals.

However, this official announcement did not discourage Napoli from canceling the sanctions they received.

As reported by the Italian Football, Napoli will reportedly file an appeal to the Italian Sports Committee of CONI, and possibly to the general court.

For information, other clubs that have found positive case findings of Covid-19 in their squad, whether two or more players have decided to keep playing or come to the match.

Napoli did not do anything similar, so this is what the Italian Serie A is concerned with. Worried, there are other teams that will later follow in the footsteps of partenopei.

But it is natural for Napoli to fight for this, because currently they are ranked 3rd in the standings with only three points adrift of the top.

Penulis: | 11 November 2020 | blog