Defeated by Liverpool, Mourinho blames his players

Tottenham Hotspur were surprisingly defeated by Liverpool in the Premier League this morning. After the match, coach Jose Mourinho criticized the performance of his players which he considered did not match expectations.

The Super Big Match duel itself took place on Friday morning WIB (29/01) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

In fact, Tottenham Hotspur, who played as host in the match, showed a dominant performance at the start of the match. In fact, Son Heung-min scored a goal, but unfortunately the referee disallowed the goal.

At the end of the first half, it was the visitors who succeeded in winning first through Roberto Firmino’s goal. After the break, the Reds doubled their lead through a Trent-Alexander Arnold goal.

The hosts had time to respond through Hojberg’s action, but unfortunately Sadio Mane’s goal in the middle of the second half made the Spurs fall behind and eventually lost with the final score 1-3.

The defeat clearly made Tottenham increasingly stuck in 6th place in the standings, while Liverpool, who also remained in 4th position, cut the distance from the top, Manchester United.

After the match, manager Jose Mourinho did not deny that his team’s performance was promising at the start.

“My analysis, we started the match very well. Before we scored our offside goal immediately showed what the game was like for us,” said Mourinho as quoted by BBC Sport.

However, the Portuguese coach regretted the blunder made by his team’s back line, especially in the process of the goals of Roberto Firmino and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

“The goal is another mistake in the same position,” he said.

The situation also looked more complicated when Tottenham Hotspur lost Harry Kane, who got a tackle from Thiago Alcantara. In essence, Mourinho looks disappointed with the performance of his players.

“We lost Harry, had to change the structure of the team. First minute, same mistake, second goal. Good reaction, mistakes and another goal.”

“This is a team that is fighting against its own mistakes. Some of the individual mistakes you see, are repeated, and I cannot say more than that,” said Mourinho.

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