Defeated by Arsenal, Jurgen Klopp misses out the points record

An unusual defeat for Liverpool in the Premier League continued, called unusual because they were subdued by the team that was in a negative trend, Arsenal. Even this defeat makes coach Jurgen Klopp disappointed, but not because of a record 100 points.

Liverpool face Arsenal in the Premier League continued in the 36th week of the morning WIB (16/07) at the Emirates Stadium. Despite playing as a guest team, Jurgen Klopp’s troops are more favored to win, but in fact the match was won by the host with a final score of 2-1.

This result is clearly surprising, because it does not match the predictions of most people. In fact, Liverpool performed extraordinarily nicely so that they were able to become champions when the League still chose 7 remaining matches. While on the one hand, Arsenal are currently in a negative trend.

In fact, before the match against Liverpool yesterday, Mikel Arteta’s team did not win in the last two matches. So it’s fine if the public favored Jurgen Klopp’s troops.

Then, Liverpool has also become a Premier League champion where it should make them play without burden. The only reason why the Marseyside team had to win the match was a record 100 points that they could break.

Before this match, Jurgen Klopp’s men had collected 93 points, meaning they needed to win the remaining three matches in order to break the 100-point record held by Manchester City.

But due to this defeat, it could be said that the opportunity to record a record just vanished. It’s disappointing, but that’s not what makes coach Jurgen Klopp feel disappointed.

“I am not a person who makes things negative just because we have not been able to reach 100 points anymore,” Klopp said in a post-match press conference, as quoted by Goal International.

Despite a disappointing defeat, Klopp insisted that whatever was achieved in the remaining two games later, his players had played an extraordinary season.

“We get the appropriate points and we will see how much we can get. Currently 93 points, two more matches, a very difficult match. The remaining two matches and these children have played an amazing season. No one can snatch it from them, “he concluded.

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