De Bruyne and Aguero play prank on Premier League trophy

Manchester City are still in a happy atmosphere after snatching a treble winner in the domestic league this season. In the midst of the celebration, there was one incident that caught the public’s attention, especially the true fans of The Citizens. Where their two stars such as Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne bravely damaged the Premier League trophy.

Manchester City actually won the season until they had to fight in the final match. All this is based on an emphasis that never stops coming from Liverpool,
who are ranked 2nd in the standings by only one point difference.

That advantage finally arrived at the end of the season and Manchester City ensured themselves as the defending champions. This moment is clearly different from the championship moment of the previous season, where they managed to outperform Manchester United who finished second with a difference of 19 points.

In celebration, Manchester City has an agenda to invite fans to meet directly with Aguero and De Bruyne. The event also presented the Premier League trophy they just got. In one sketch, they all celebrated victory by lifting the trophy.

The program was live broadcasted in the form of video recordings. In the beginning, everything went smoothly, and then finally something happened when Aguero and De Bruyne grasped the trophy of the English Premier League. The cup fell from the second floor of a building where they were, and was immediately broken to pieces.

Manchester City CEO, Feran Sorianom, who happened to be on the agenda, found out and immediately issued an angry expression to these two stars. Fortunately, the incident was a series of ‘prank’ carried out by Aguero and De Bruyne.

Seen both laughing behind the scenes when pretending to meet Soriano in a different place. Where the trophy they use is only a replica. Moments later, Aguero and De Bruyne appeared before fans while carrying the real trophy.

This prank went successfully, because it was seen that Manchester City fans were very shocked. Some denied that they had succeeded in being ‘tricked’, but in the recorded video, they showed their panic expressions when the cup fell and broke into pieces.

Manchester City with Pep Guardiola will return to fight for the Premier League title next season. Where they are still the leading team with four other teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal, who are ready to show their new strength next season.

Penulis: | 24 Mei 2019 | blog