David Beckham forbids Brooklyn to dating a model

The United States public is rumored with gossip about a strict ban from the figure of English soccer legend, David Beckham who openly disapproves of his son’s relationship with a hot model, named Hana Cross.

The most surprising thing was when Beckham hoped his son would immediately break up with Hana. According to reliable sources, the father did not like the style of Brooklyn dating with Hana, because Beckham knew the couple often displayed their arguments in public both in Los Angeles, the United States, and in London, England.

The one that made Beckham upset was the last time it happened when Brooklyn and Hana had a big fight at the Cannes Film Festival, two weeks ago. In the quarrel, Hana screamed and cried hysterically, who suddenly immediately horrified the entire room.

This incident gave rise to negative comments Beckham, who dared to predict that his son would not have a future if he kept in touch with Hana.

“David Beckham has a close relationship with Brooklyn. Beckham and Victoria (his wife) are worried after seeing his son argue with Hana in public. David
Bechkam hopes Brooklyn will think seriously if he has no future with Hana, “said a trusted source, who did not want to be mentioned.

This moment gave a change in Beckham who prayed that Brooklyn spent more time with his family than with Hana. According to the schedule, next month Beckham and Victoria will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and go for a vacation to Miami, United States.

“Beckham asked Brooklyn to get closer to the family. However, Beckham realized that ‘puppy love’ was difficult to prevent. Everything is clear to the people around him. Beckham does not approve of Brooklyn’s relationship with Hana, “concluded the source.

Last time Beckham’s closeness with Brooklyn was seen occurred at an English football charity match. Where in the 70th minute Beckham was pulled off the field and replaced by Brooklyn, who managed to revive the match with a hysterical voice from hundreds of spectators who were present at Old Trafford.

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