Daniele Rugani tests positive for COVID-19

By today, the fast spread of the Coronavirus outbreak bring in total more than 118 thousand people, who tested positive of the virus in all parts of the world.

Some figures have also been infected, such as the British Minister of Health, French Minister of Culture, to the famous Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks. Now it’s the turn of Europe’s Top footballer, Daniele Rugani, who is also infected with the virus.

Actually, Italy already in a crisis situation related to the Coronavirus or COVID-19. How come? There have been 2 thousand of positive cases with more than 400 of them died from the virus.

No wonder, if in the end the Italian Serie A side takes precautions. They held a number of matches without spectators. In fact, certainly the match throughout March is postponed until next April.

Unfortunately, these precautions do not necessarily stop the spread of this Corona Virus. The proof, just confirmed a soccer player in Serie A has been positively infected with COVID-19.

He is Daniele Rugani, one of the mainstays of defending champions Serie A, Juventus. The 25-year-old figure is positively infected by Corona Virus as official confirmation from the Bianconneri.

Along with the official confirmation from Juve, many parties sent sympathy to Daniele Rugani. But the player insisted that his condition was okay.

“You will read the news and that’s why I want to convince everyone who is worried about me, I’m fine,” said the 25-year-old defender through his official Facebook account.

In addition, Rugani also appealed to anyone affected by the Corona Virus to remain compliant with government policy.

“I encourage everyone to respect the rules, because this virus doesn’t make a difference! Let’s do it for ourselves, for loved ones and for those around us, “he said.

With the disclosure of this case, Juventus immediately took precautions. They isolated everyone who came in contact with Daniele Rugani later.

The same thing was done by Inter Milan, the article they faced with Juventus last weekend. Although Rugani only sat on the bench throughout the match, it did not rule out the possibility of physical contact that occurred with their players.

Penulis: | 12 Maret 2020 | blog