Dani Alves Does Not Regret Leave Barcelona

It can be said that Brazilian veteran defender Dani Alves has started to lose his popularity since leaving Barcelona, ​​but he has never regretted this decision.

Dani Alves is known as one of the best right-backs that both Barcelona and the Brazilian National Team have had. At Barcelona, ​​Alves spent eight years. He was signed from Sevilla in 2008.

During that period, Alves made no less than 391 appearances, scored 21 goals and 101 assists for the Catalan giants. Then in 2016 he agreed to move to join the serie A club, Juventus.

In addition to stunning statistics, Alves also contributed greatly to Barcelona’s success in winning 23 titles, including six Spanish La Liga titles and 3 European Champions League trophies.

Since leaving Barcelona, ​​it can be said that his trophy collection has decreased, his popularity has faded. In fact, even though he had moved to Paris Saint-Germain, his popularity and success like at Barcelona in the past have never been repeated.

However, Alves does not regret his decision to leave Camp Nou. This decision had nothing to do with playing quota, but because he didn’t trust the club officials at that time.

“I do not regret it, because I did not believe in the people who were in charge of the club at that time,” explained Dani Alves in a question and answer session with fans on his personal Instagram.

What Alves said can be said to be true, because Josep Maria Bartomeu and his colleagues who served at that time were officially charged recently, they have also officially resigned from the presidency.

“It was later proven that I was right. Because I was the first to say something, I was called a madman. But, as always, I am a good lunatic.” He said.

Before defending Barcelona, ​​Dani Alves had defended Sevilla, which one did he prefer? Barcelona or Sevilla? According to the defender, this is a difficult choice.

“It will be like who you like more: your mother or your father?” he continued.

Penulis: | 29 Maret 2021 | blog