Cristiano Ronaldo revealed the reasons why he does not want to retire soon

Garry Neville revealed the reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to stay on the field despite being 35 years old. The Portuguese player claimed he would not hang up his boots before breaking the record of 1000 goals owned by Pele.

The Brazilian legend is known as one of the best players in football history. The reason is because he successfully led the samba team to win three World Champion titles in a row.

Apart from that, Pele has also scored more than 1,000 goals in his career at the club and national team level. In total, Pele has scored 1282 goals from a total of 1363 matches throughout his career in football.

Whereas Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘new’ scored 725 goals at club level as well as the National Team. This is exactly what Neville believes makes Ronaldo not satisfied with his career. The Juventus player has a great determination to be the best player.

“He has a strong desire to be the best player in the world,” Neville told Sky Sports.

Neville claimed to be impressed with the figure of Ronaldo who dared to express the importance of individual achievement on the trophy won by his team. Only a few players dare to say the same thing.

“He is one of the few players I know who dares to say that the individual trophy is the most important for him. He always wants to be the best in the world, and that is very important for him. ”

“Being the best player in the world is like an obsession for him. He is obsessed with scoring goals, so he always works hard every day and tries to keep fit. I think every year the level of professionalism is getting up and up. ”

Therefore, Neville is not sure Cristiano Ronaldo will hang up his boots in the near future. Before breaking Pele’s goal record and being recognized as the best player in history, he will remain actively playing.

“I think he has a plan to surpass Pele’s record. I truly believe that he wants to surpass Pele’s goals. I think that is his main focus at this time, to be the best player in history.” He said.

Currently, Ronaldo is defending Juventus and under contract until 2022.

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