Cristiano Ronaldo, Instagram account with the most followers worldwide

By leaving Real Madrid apparently did not necessarily make the popularity of superstar Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo immediately decreased, precisely his popularity increased sharply, where it was seen from the number of followers on Instagram which reached 144 Million followers. In fact, that number is the most on the planet today, or in other words, Cristiano Ronaldo is an Instagram user with the most number of followers in the world.

Indeed, the popularity of Cristiano Ronaldo has been recognized by the world since the concerned appeared shining along with Premier Leaue club, Manchester United. Then, his popularity increased again along with the player’s decision to join the Spanish La Liga giants, Real Madrid in 2009. Moreover, at that time Ronaldo broke the record for the most expensive player in football history.

During his nine years at Real Madrid, the number of his followers continued to increase sharply, along with his contribution to the La Liga club in winning four European Champions League titles and a number of other titles. Not to mention the fact that Ronaldo managed to collect five Ballon d’Or. However, the shocking decision was taken by the 33-year-old player last summer, where he left and decided to join Juventus.

This decision was judged to make Ronaldo’s popularity in social media decline, but quite the opposite. The number of binders Portugal players on Instagram has increased sharply, now he has 144 million followers.

The Juventus attacker passed American actress and pop star Selena Gomez, who has held that status since 2016. Gomez, 26, won the top spot from Ariana Grande two years ago on a list dominated by US entertainment stars. But Ronaldo, who currently has more than 144 million followers, strengthens his status as one of the most famous figures on the planet. The Portugal National Team marked this news simply, just a photo of him in the gym.

Brazilian Bomber and Paris Saint-Germain Neymar became the next athlete to have the most followers, occupying tenth place with 104 million followers. The queen of reality shows Kim Kardashian, superstar Beyonce, actor Dwayne Johnson, Kylie Jenner and singer Taylor Swift complete the top ten list.

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