Cristiano Ronaldo claims had long waited for his first free-kick goal

Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri was quite pleased to see the success of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a free kick. The tactician revealed that Ronaldo had long waited for the goal.

Since joining Juventus in the summer transfer market in 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo can be said to have been integrated with the Bianconneri game. She is one of the mainstays on the front lines of the Old Lady.

Ronaldo’s goals for Juventus are also quite numerous, but interestingly none of these goals originated from free kicks.

The Mega star of Portugal always failed to reach his target when he was the executor of Free Kock for Juventus. In fact, the former Real Madrid star has recorded 42 trials.

Only finally in the match against Torino last weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score a free kick. The player seemed very relieved, and this was also felt by coach Maurizio Sarri.

“I really don’t think that the difficulty of scoring from a free kick bothers him, but at the end of the fight he says ‘finally’,” Sarri told Sky Sports Italia.

In that match, Juventus managed to win with a landslide score of 4-1. According to Sarri, this victory was inseparable from the quick goal created by Paulo Dybala when the match had just entered the 3rd minute.

“We know that this match will not run easily, but we managed to excel quickly and then double our lead afterwards.” He said.

Juventus then added advantage through Juan Cuadrado, but ahead of the match the visitors succeeded in reducing the lag. Sarri admitted his team had let their guard down at the time, but fortunately the players managed to score two other goals in the second half.

“We were caught off guard so Torino’s penalty made us lose control of the match. We were overwhelmed at the start of the second half, but when tiredness struck, our original quality was revealed,” he said.

This victory brought Juventus even stronger at the top of the standings. Lazio’s defeat in the match against AC Milan last weekend leaves the Bianconneri 7 points clear.

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