Cristiano Ronaldo called have no respect for his teammates at Juve

In the midst of the enthusiasm of the Juventus fans regarding the return of the superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, there has been criticism by former Club player, Pasquale Bruno. According to him, the Portuguese player did not respect his colleagues at Juve.

Previously, it should be noted that Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus in the 2018 summer transfer market. He was brought in by Juventus from Real Madrid for 100 million euros.

So far, the former Manchester United star has become a mainstay of Juventus with a score of 70 goals from 92 appearances in all competitions.

Ronaldo immediately became the Bianconneri’s main focus on the front lines, even when he was absent, Juventus’ performance seemed to slack off. This was also seen when Ronaldo had to undergo a self-quarantine process because he was infected with Covid-19 recently.

The 35-year-old player was only able to appear again in last weekend’s match against Spezia and immediately scored two goals. He also assisted in the 4-1 win over Ferencvaros in the European Champions League.

That said, most Juventus fans are very happy with Cristiano Ronaldo’s return. But not for former Bianconneri player Pasquale Bruno.

According to him, Ronaldo’s attitude that tends to be reluctant to learn Italian even though he has been living in Turin for two years is proof that he does not respect his team-mates at Juve.

“He’s stupid. He’s been in Italy for two years and hasn’t learned our language yet,”

“He uses Spanish to express himself. He has no respect for his team-mates or the Italians,” Pasquale Bruno told Tiki-Taka.

However, it seems that what Bruno said did not necessarily disturb Cristiano Ronaldo or the other Juventus players. As Juan Cuadrado said, Ronaldo’s return was warmly welcomed by all Juventus players.

“He is an additional weapon for us, we all know what he gives to the team. He is very confident and that helps us too, passing on his professionalism and the desire to win,” he concluded.

Tomorrow’s weekend, it is likely that Ronaldo will start against Lazio in the Serie A.

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