Cristiano Ronaldo admits he misses the blasphemy of audience

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo cannot deny the fact that he is one of those players who really misses the audience at the Stadium Stand. Even if they were there to cheer on the players.

As is well known, the face of football during the Covid-19 pandemic was completely different. Indeed, the competition continues, but no spectators are allowed to attend the stadium stands.

This situation has been going on for the last few months, even starting last June. There are no supporters at the stadium, the supporters only provide support through the glass screens of their respective homes.

But indeed, recently there have been several countries that have allowed supporters to attend the stadium, but that is in limited numbers. Call it so far there are England, France and Germany.

Meanwhile in Italy, supporters are still not allowed to watch the match live at the stadium stand. This situation makes Cristiano Ronaldo feel disappointed, he really missed the presence of the supporters of the Stadium Tribune.

To be honest, the Portuguese superstar admits that playing without supporters is boring.

“For of course, to be honest, playing in an empty stadium is boring. We players, respect all protocols and health is the most important. Of course. But, I don’t like [empty stadiums]. To be honest,” Ronaldo said as quoted from Goal International.

Indeed, this did not prevent Ronaldo from continuing to play football, but he felt this situation was very strange.

“I keep playing because I love football. My passion has always been football. I play for my family, my children, my friends and the fans. But I don’t like this situation, to be honest. It’s very strange. “he said.

According to the former Real Madrid star, the presence of supporters in the stands plays an important role for a team. Now Ronaldo can only miss their presence, even their cheers when they are disappointed with his performance.

“I love it when people blaspheme Cristiano Ronaldo. When I touch the ball they shout ‘boo’, I like it. I hope in 2021 they can change the rules and we can see the stadium full of supporters,” hoped Ronaldo.

Penulis: | 28 Desember 2020 | blog