Crazy! This child spends IDR 10 million just for Messi card in FIFA 19

Idolizing Lionel Messi is very natural if it is in a positive way, but what happens when that moment becomes bad by spending 550 Pounds or around IDR 10 million to get his favorite player on the FIFA Ultimate Team.

This story begins when a father found out his son was involved in the situation of the best Barcelona player. The child plays on the Nintendo Switch and at every moment he waits for the Messi card. You have to realize that when you join the FIFA Ultimate Team game, you have to get ready for addiction.

The child in this story and who happened to not be disseminated by his real name turned out to have spent three weeks without stopping in an effort to buy several player packs to get Messi. EA Sports as a developer of the FIFA game does provide special packs by transferring a certain amount of money, and this is intended to improve the quality of the team built.

These special packs consist of a number of players and uncertain items. If it means all individuals can get the best player opportunity, but it is very small. This status might give a thought for the child to be willing to spend IDR 10 million to get a Messi card with an overall 94.

The more interesting here when the child dares to spend big money, when the father made his own mistakes. It is known that the father introduced card packs to the child by adding information on how to buy them.

It turned out that the father did not know correctly in the introduction process, it turned out that the child was paying attention and remembering exactly what was being processed during the special packs purchase stage. The child then bought himself some of the next special packs, which then reached the IDR 10 million and found that the money came from his father’s monthly transfer for the school boy.

“I just never thought a small child could do that, this is a valuable lesson and I as a parent must be more careful in introducing something new to him,” said the father’s statement which happened to be viral on various social media specifically in the FIFA 19 forum.

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