Crazy! MU offer a super-great deals for Koulibaly

Manchester United‘s good intention to bring Kalidou Koulibaly still has not received a positive reply. Because the offer that has been given even reaching super-great value still gets rejection from Napoli.

Public already known that Red Devils are targeting a new defender after undergoing the 2017/18 season ago. Because, in this line is the weak points of the Red Devils. Based on existing records, they conceded a total of 54 goals in one season in the English Premier League.

Now the plan for Manchester United is underway, and Koulibaly’s figure is considered to be able to solve the problem. Apart from Harry Maguaire and a number of other names, so far, Manchester United have thrown offers only to Koulibaly.

Koulibaly himself is one of the targets of Manchester United since long time ago. In the era of Jose Mourinho, they have dropped several offers to Napoli. Senegal international players were indeed considered to have special abilities above average, for that Manchester United was so determined to ask for his hand in the transfer market next season.

Interestingly here, when Manchester United’s insistence was proven correct, where they came up with a super big offer under the care of Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, but in fact, until now there was no positive response.

The proposal has already entered, but the value of the money of 110 million Euros has not broken Napoli’s heart to release Koulibaly yet. This value is roughly equivalent to IDR 1.7 trillion, and can be said to make Koulibaly as the world’s most expensive defender.

Investigated, he said, actually there are still other ways to make Koulibaly’s contract clause release with Naples. However, the clause will only be active in 2020 or at the end of the upcoming season. If it really fails to bring Koulibaly, then the Red Devils must drop the steering wheel.

It was stated that they had prepared other options, and the targeted player was Matthijs de Ligt. In terms of age, Matthijs de Ligt is a figure that has become the dream of many clubs. He is only 21 years old, but has shown extraordinary talent. He is the captain of Ajax, who successfully brought the club to the Champions League semifinals of the 2018-2019 season.

However, Manchester United were required to work hard as many enthusiasts of services from Matthijs de Ligt from Ajax. It is clear that they have to compete with Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain, who are said to be ready to fight in super big deals to get close in the transfer market next season.

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