CR7’s aura can attract Neymar to Juve

Barcelona looked nervous about the status of this 2019 summer transfer foam. The thing that made him most anxious was the hunting status of the Paris Saint Germain star, Neymar. Here they realize that there is a new challenger in the hunt for Neymar, Juventus.

Knowing their opponents were Juventus, Barcelona admitted to being anxious because the opponent had the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, who usually invited players to join the team he was defending. Neymar was rumored to want to leave Paris immediately and openly stated it to the public.

Barcelona itself appears as a club for Neymar’s goal because the player wants to return to playing with Lionel Messi cs. However, Neymar’s way to return to the Camp Nou did not go smoothly as PSG set prices too high at 300 million Euros! This price is clearly different from the price at which Neymar was hijacked by PSG from Barcelona with a transfer value of 222 million Euros.

It could be interpreted that the movement of Barcelona in the hunt for Neymar was so slow that it opened up opportunities for other teams to enter. Now there is interest in Juventus against Neymar, and they want to bring Neymar to realize the dream of winning the Champions League.

This situation made Juventus confidence higher because they realized PSG and Barcelona’s relationship was not good. On that basis, why Barcelona so worried that PSG will give Neymar to another club.

Juventus is considered a good club for the development of Neymar in the future. It didn’t stop there, Juventus was a consideration for Neymar as in Spain he could have been involved in tax cases as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo had been entangled.

Not enough, the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus is also a special attraction. The design of Neymar’s match with Ronaldo will worry Juventus rival clubs in Europe. In predictions of this kind of thing that is the reason Matthijs de Ligt chose Juventus this year.

Almost the same as the case of Neymar, where the former Ajax Amsterdam player was claimed to have landed so close to Barcelona, but all that changed so quickly because Juventus were considered more promising. Neymar’s potential follows De Ligt so much. Juventus now has everything from financial strength and sweet aura to bring stars to Turin.

In other words, the Juventus squad which is now very prepared to become 2019-2020 Champions League winner.

Penulis: | 26 Juli 2019 | blog