CR7 suffered a hamstring injury before playing for Ajax vs. Juventus’ match

Quick response must be shown by Juventus in making decisions regarding the news that if their mega star Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a hamstring injury, when he helped the Portuguese National Team in the Euro 2020 qualifying event.

Playing against Serbia, Ronaldo was seen holding back in pain and was forced to get treatment several times from the medical team. The bad moment happened when the match had been running for 28th minutes, Ronaldo tried to welcome the feedback given by Bernardo Silva.

But unfortunately, the bait could not be completed properly by Ronaldo and instead fell down with a suffix complaining of pain in the thigh. Not wanting to get worse, the medical team finally asked the staff to replace Ronaldo.

The vacant position left by Ronaldo was very influential on the game of Portugal, evidently they had to be left behind by Serbia 1-0 before Danilo Pereira was able to break into the Serbian goal and end the match with a score of 1-1.

So far there has been no official news from the Portuguese National Team, but insiders say if Ronaldo gets a hamstring injury. Based on existing records, if it’s true that Ronaldo suffered a hamstring, this muscle injury became the first for the player since the 2015/16 season with Real Madrid.

Against Serbia became the second match Ronaldo finished long enough to miss the Portuguese national team. Where Ronaldo disappeared after the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Apart from the record of Ronaldo’s international level, one figure who deserves to be anxious is Juventus.

Juventus are very reasonable to show god-level anxiety as they will face a series of tight and very important schedules, including against Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League quarter-finals this season. Before facing Ajax, Juve must fight in Serie A against Empoli, then, Cagliari and AC Milan.

If Ronaldo missed to play against Ajax, Juve’s strike power would be slightly reduced as Ronaldo was an important actor in Juve’s journey to qualify from the last 16 by scoring a hat-trick against Atletico Madrid. Interesting to wait for further news from the Portuguese National Team? The schedule of Ajax vs. Juve will be on Thursday, April 11 2019.


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