COVID-19 Pandemic: Barca ready to hold training session as usual?

Spanish La Liga defending champion, FC Barcelona is reportedly preparing plans to hold a training session as usual. In fact, the Corona outbreak to date has still not abated.

Spain became one of the European countries that was badly exposed to the Corona Virus or COVID-19. More than 35 thousand positive cases were found, in fact there were already more than 2300 people dying because of the plague.

With this amount, it means that the State of Matador is only outnumbered by Italy which is listed as the second worst country from exposure to this virus. In Italy alone, more than 60 thousand positive cases of Corona have been found.

No wonder the expansion of the Corona Virus also has an impact on all aspects of life, including football. Europe’s top competitions have temporarily stopped, including the Spanish La Liga.

This pandemic then forced almost all clubs to ask the players and their staff to quarantine independently in their homes. The aim is to prevent the spread from getting worse.

Barcelona is one of them, where the defending La Liga champions also stopped all forms of club activity for a while.

However, a report recently emerged stating that the Catalan Giant is ready to hold another training session in the near future. Regarding the selection of dates, Barcelona chose April 27 to adjust the conditions of the players.

According to the club, Lionel Messi et al. will be back in shape and ready to appear if the competition starts in early May.

Please note, before this the Spanish la League Operators indeed plan to end the campaign this season on 30 June 2020, as directed by UEFA. The goal is that other competitions are not delayed.

Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic admits he can’t wait to play football again. He can’t stand the boring quarantine. However, the Croatian admitted he still had to understand the purpose of this quarantine.

“Of course I want to play boal on the streets. But we must understand, we must isolate ourselves, “said Rakitic.

Barcelona itself still tops the Spanish La Liga standings, currently they are two points ahead of their closest rivals, Real Madrid.

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