Courtois’ lover very angry after becoming the criticism target of Madrid fans

Alba Carrillo seems to no more patience already, where this underwear model shows her firm attitude by issuing all the anger that has been held for a long time to Real Madrid fans.

Alba, who is known to be the lover of the Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, was furious because of the anger of Los Blancos fans on social media. As for the anger of the fans because the club’s pride did not change with bad results that kept coming.

Alba’s response to her anger was caught on camera when they had dinner together last weekend. Alba and Courtois themselves were subjected to criticism because their relationship was considered unclear and only seeking sensation.

Realizing this, Courtois claimed to have no partial relationship with Alba and only considered the sexy woman as a close friend.

“We are not a partner and will not be like that. This is excessive, I have only been with her twice where I came to her house and she came to my house before then we went out to dinner one day, “said Courtois.

Courtois’ statement did not get a positive response from a number of Madrid fans, this is what provoked Alba’s emotions. Even the two partners are easy targets for the outlet of the frustration of the decline in EL Real’s performance this season.

“Temporarily moving away is the right choice. Because I think what you did to me is really cruel. Scapegoats and soccer fans are looking for the goofy,” Alba wrote in her personal Instagram account.

Alba considers that media actions and fans too far interfere with her privacy. Not only that, Alba also hopes to Courtois to be able to explain the truth so that she is not carried away in the hot atmosphere.

“For Real Madrid, I hope not to do things too far and try to be careful. Trying to be better at scoring goals so that a bad day from a match is not inflicted on a woman, “Alba continued.

Courtois actually became one of the easy targets of Real Madrid fans. Many think that the former Chelsea goalkeeper is an actor in the decline of EL Real’s game. The climax was when Real Madrid were finally eliminated after losing 1-4 to Ajax Amsterdam in the second leg of the Champions League last 16.

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