Countinho returns back to Liverpool?

Following his increasingly bleak future with Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Philippe Coutinho is rumored to be returning to the arms of his former club, Liverpool. The Brazilian national team winger is believed to be returning directly to Anfield next summer.

Coutinho spent five and a half years of his career with Liverpool. During this period, Philippe Coutinho performed brilliantly. Noted, he has scored 54 goals in 201 matches in all competitions.

In the middle of the 2017/18 season, Coutinho decided to leave by moving to Barcelona. Unfortunately, the player’s career at the La Liga club was not like when he was in a Liverpool costume. The former Inter Milan has only scored 21 goals in 76 matches.

Because of its minimal contribution, the 28-year-old winger was finally loaned out to Bayern Munich in the transfer market last summer. Had performed well in the beginning, the more here Coutinho’s performance seemed inconsistent.

As a result, Bayern are believed to be not interested in spending money to redeem Coutinho permanently this summer. Returning to Barcelona also seems not a good option for the player. Finally, his future became the talk of European media.

Liverpool is touted as one of Coutinho’s destination clubs next season. However, despite Jurgen Klopp’s troops being on fire, the Brazilian stressed that he has no intention of returning to Anfield.

I am happy to see how they are now, because there are many of my friends there, former teammates, so I am very happy for them.

But only to that extent, I did not look back anymore. I took another route, and now I am on another trip, just like everyone else. I am fully focused on the field, like them, to achieve my dreams. ”

“Of course I feel very happy about what I have done with Liverpool in the past, and now I can only look forward,” said Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho might be able to return to Barcelona, the article Ousmane Dembele was pulled over for the rest of the season because of injury. But of course, he can only move closer to Camp Nou again next summer.

Penulis: | 12 Februari 2020 | blog