Conte wants Inter director to prove his sweet promise

Antonio Conte quietly expressed his one big view of his current career, where he refused to have high expectations on the sweet promises made by Inter Milan director, Giuseppe Marotta, who dared to promise new players in the January 2020 winter transfer market.

In this case, Conte doesn’t want just a promise, and just wants proof. Ahead of the Italian Serie A match against Brescia, Marotta spoke about Conte’s complaints about the current depth of the squad and acknowledged the current state of his team and will fight in the 2020 winter transfer market.

“We will monitor the movements and offers offered by the January 2020 transfer market, good deals are very rare, but we will see what we can,” said Marotta, who is a former Juventus sporting director.

Knowing what Marotta said, Conte immediately answered firmly and reliably that he did not want just a promise. In this case, Conte claimed to have understood the performance behind the club’s figure and was only waiting for an answer to his complaint in real terms.

“It’s not a matter of being convinced and convincing. We have to learn from every situation and realize what can happen. I have been in Planet Inter for four months, I began to understand what I did not realize in June, “said Conte.

“You know not what you will find in the squad, in players, so you have to work according to theory until you see it for yourself,” he continued.

It’s true that Conte complained about Inter’s depth squad this season. Here the constraints of the coach are evident by returning down the same squad when the match is only four days away. This situation made Conte only have to accept the situation, even though he was aware of the time will answer it.

“Must develop and avoid situations like this in the future. We are topping the standings with 25 points, but forcing the engine to the maximum and can not last any longer, “concluded Conte.

A narrow 1-2 win over Brescia put Inter back top of the Italian Serie A standings by one point ahead of second-placed Juventus. But this advantage could have been shifted quickly, Cristiano Ronaldo cs still tells the advantage of the remaining matches.

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