Conte not involve in the final decision to exchange Icardi and Nainggolan

Antonio Conte dares to ensure that he is not the one who planned the exchange of Mauro Icardi and Radja Nainggolan. Even the new coach dares to guarantee that everything related to selling or anything else is certainly related to Inter Milan’s management.

Icardi and Nainggolan are reliable players, but at the end of the 2018-2019 season, everything fell apart because these two players’ careers were unclear in their direction and purpose. Even Inter ever said they ready to sell these two players in the 2019 summer transfer market.

Icardi’s name is planned to be used as a medium of exchange with Manchester United striker, Romelu Lukaku from Manchester United. Inter are even ready to slam the price by including the name Nainggolan, in order to bring Lukaku to the Giuseppe Meazza.

Nainggolan did not stop in the Red Devils, even other gossip said if the Belgian player could also be a medium of exchange for Barcelona to be bartered with Arturo Vidal. Inter slowly confirmed that they were ready to sell the two world-class star players.

Through Inter Milan’s sporting director, Beppe Marotta stated: “They [Icardi and Nainggolan] were not included in our plans. All have said this to them, and we continue to respect them as they really are.”

Conte himself just had a press conference at the weekend. On that event, he was asked what’s the reason for removing Icardi and Nainggolan. The coach’s answer here is that he is not included in the plan, but he believes what will be done by the club certainly gives a positive thing.

“Regarding Icardi and Nainggolan, the club has enough time to evaluate the situation and make decisions. All I do is support the club’s vision. The coaches and clubs must work as a whole and we are fully united in this matter,” Conte said when asked by reporters.

The former Juventus and Chelsea coach surprisingly accepted Inter Milan’s proposal in the 2019 summer transfer market. And of course he was attacked by questions why chose Inter Milan as his new club after undergoing a sabbatical as coach of the European professional club.

Referring to the question, many are wondering as Inter experienced a decline in performance in the last season. The target of increasing the level of playing Inter is clearly not easy, but Conte firmly accepts all the challenges and is ready to work harder because he likes challenges.

“True and clear this will be very difficult, but also an interesting way. Most of us live our lives for this type of challenge, which is very difficult to achieve. This is a difficult challenge for me, but also the best,”

“I like the challenge when you have a one percent chance to win and work hard for that one percent. Nothing is impossible when all move together, I am always optimistic about the responsibilities that are at my peak,” Conte concluded.

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