Conte: Frank Lampard is the right fit for Chelsea

Conte’s impression of leaving Chelsea may look bad, as he was sacked only after failing to defend the Premier League title. However, the Italian coach continues to support the Blues, even supporting Frank Lampard’s presence in the coaching chair.

The first time Conte took over as Chelsea manager in 2016, when he was trusted to handle a first team that performed poorly under the direction of the previous Jose Mourinho.

Conte was initially doubtful, given that he had no experience in England. But fate said differently, in fact in his inaugural season he harvested praise for leading Chelsea to the Premier League title.

In the second season, Chelsea’s performance declined slightly, but the club still managed to win the FA Cup title. Unfortunately, Conte was finally kicked out of the coaching chair.

The London club had appointed Maurizio Sarri, but the former Napoli only lasted one season and since last season Chelsea has been handled by their former player, Frank Lampard.

Conte, who left Chelsea through dismissal, was still following the development of the Blues. According to him, Chelsea now have a strong squad with many options available on each line.

“I think the club wants to be champions again. To be honest, at the moment Chelsea is a very good team, a tough team, has a big squad to face a lot of competition,”

“They are playing very well and at the moment they have a lot of players. I remember when I first arrived at Chelsea the situation was not as good as it is now.” Conte told The Telegraph.

Conte also remembers very well how in his first season there he only had 16 main players.

“I remember my first season, we went through the season with only 16 players [mainstay],” he added.

Furthermore, the coach who is now in charge of Inter Milan considers Frank Lampard to be the right coach for Chelsea.

“This year the club has done very well. I know they have done everything well because I continue to follow Chelsea, I am a fan,”

“Lampard, obviously, is doing well and he knows the club very well, because he is a Chelsea legend.” continued Conte.

Penulis: | 18 November 2020 | blog