Constantly being associated with ex-boyfriends, this is Luna Maya’s response

When people hear name of Luna Maya, most people immediately think of Noah’s vocalist, Nazriel Ilham aka Ariel. In fact, the fact is that this couple has been separated for a long time and has never been involved with CLBK again until now

Of course the public wonders why Luna Maya’s figure seems to be constantly associated with her former lover. Well, this is what Ivan Gunawan asked when the woman from Bali became a guest star in a private television program.

“Luna has always been associated with ex-boyfriends, yes, if you’re in a relationship, it’s never been for a while, Lun,” asked Ivan Gunawan.

Well, Luna Maya herself assumed that it happened because of her status and her ex-boyfriend (Ariel), who were both celebrities.

“I think we are always being related, yes, if other people want to get married, divorce, it’s just so normal. But our names are also celebrities, we always talk about it with so-and-so. Yes, it’s okay,” explained Luna Maya.

As for the last few months, Luna Maya has never been heard of taking a new lover. At the age of 32, many have asked about the Artist’s wedding plans.

However, Luna admits that she still doesn’t know whether she will focus on career or have plans to get married.

“Honestly I have no priority anymore, because this pandemic has hit me too. I thought I wanted to enter a new life, but it turns out that I have to be confined at home,” replied Luna Maya.

Furthermore, Luna admitted that she was a Bucin who was more concerned with the happiness of her partner. But now, Luna has started to learn to love herself more.

“I can also love myself, I think I never made myself happy, huh. I was more concerned with the happiness of my partner,” said Luna Maya.

Actually, Luna Maya was recently reported to be close to a handsome Japanese man, but until now there has been no news about their relationship.

Penulis: | 10 Desember 2020 | blog