Considered failed, Barca ready to sell Coutinho!

Barcelona seems to be in the middle of a dilemma about the status of the newest midfielder, who was successfully brought in in the 2018 summer transfer market, Philippe Coutinho. The Barcelona side did not see the disappointment of the player who was considered far from expectations.

When referring to the process of his arrival, Barcelona until willing to pour funds amounting to 142 million Pounds in order to bring Coutinho from Liverpool. The Brazilian-born player is expected to be a differentiator in the midfield, after being left behind by phenomenal midfielders like Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez.

Big hopes that Coutinho could be the solution to solving the problem, in fact, Coutinho appeared to be declining and was considered a failure. As a result, Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde decided to reserve Coutinho.

Ready for sale

This condition gives a lot of speculation that Coutinho is ready to be released, if there is a club that is willing. Barcelona’s form of disappointment has actually been seen, where they made moves in the winter transfer market, by bringing in two midfielders at once, such as Arturo Vidal and Price Boateng.

If only Barcelona really wanted to release Coutinho, then the best way would be to hurry because two English Premier League giants, Chelsea and Manchester United were very interested in accommodating it. The two teams are predicted not to question the price, because the financial strength of both teams is very good.

Players’ support for Coutinho

This severe situation and conditions provided a form of sympathy from teammate Coutinho. They provide endless support to Coutinho to get up from the pressure. Coutinho’s colleagues asked him not to give up on the situation.

With extraordinary talent, many consider Coutinho not to leave the Camp Nou. Coutinho was asked to continue working hard and the Barcelona players believed that sooner or later Coutinho would return in the form of his best performance.

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