Confirms positive for Covid-19, Ronaldo returns to Turin

Juventus have announced that the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Turin. Yes, even though he was known to be infected with the Coronavirus while still in Portugal, the player chose to undergo self-quarantine in Turin.

It was the Portuguese Football Federation which previously announced on Tuesday (13/10) that Cristiano Ronaldo had contracted the Corona Virus outbreak.

Because of these findings, the player was unable to strengthen the Portugal National Team in the next UEFA Nations League continuation, against Sweden on Thursday morning WIB (15/10).

The findings of this case also forced the 35-year-old player to undergo self-quarantine. He is known to be going through a quarantine process at a hotel in Portugal. However, since Wednesday (14/10), Cristiano Ronaldo has actually been in the city of Turin.

This news was then announced by Juventus, where in his official statement, the Bianconneri said that Ronaldo flew to Turin on a private jet and was picked up by a private ambulance to his residence.

“Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Italy on a medical flight permitted by the competent health authorities at the player’s request and will continue his fiduciary isolation at his home,” read an official Juventus statement.

There was an opinion claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo had actually violated the health protocol rules.

However, Roberto Testi, chairman of the Turin city health authority, stressed that the existing regulations did allow what Ronaldo did.

“I don’t know the exact details of this situation, but the rules allow one person to request private flights that are registered as medical travel with all the different authorities,”

“She can then get on an ambulance – private, of course – and be taken to her home for a quarantine that lasts at least 10 days.” said Roberto Testi.

In fact, the finding of the Covid-19 case in the Juventus squad is not the first time. Previously there were several players who had been infected first, such as Daniel Rugani and Paulo Dybala. However, the two players have indeed recovered.

Meanwhile, besides Ronaldo there is a new player Weston McKennie who is currently suffering from the Corona virus and will undergo independent isolation for the next 10 days.

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