Common bathroom habits that cause diseases

The bathroom is one of the ‘dirtiest’ room of the house, considering its function itself. There are hundreds of millions of bacteria. So it is very important to keep the bathroom in our house clean, in order to avoid disease.

People who like to stay in the bathroom for too long should change this habit. The reason is also includes bad habits in the bathroom that can cause diseases.

There are also some other habits in the bathroom that can cause disease and are harmful to the health of the body, including this following:

1. Put a toothbrush near the toilet

When rinsing the toilet, the splash water can reach an area of ​​2 meters, where the water contains millions of bacteria resulting from feces and urine.

If you put your toothbrush near the toilet, there is a high possibility that the water will also get on the bristles, and bacteria can land there and last for a week. In other words, this could be dangerous for the toothbrush user.

2. Bring a cellphone

Are you one of those people who likes to play on cellphones while in the bathroom? In fact, many people have this habit for various reasons, including getting rid of boredom.

In fact, the chances of bacteria sticking to our cellphones are very large, and can be transmitted when the cellphone sticks to our cheeks while making calls and other activities.

3. Cleaning the face with a body towel

Using the same towel to wipe the body and to wipe the face is not good, especially for those of you who have skin health problems.

This is because every time you use the same towel to dry your face and let it wet, it will make bacteria multiply. We recommend that you use disposable towels.

4. Leave the wet towel hanging in the bathroom

Wearing a towel after showering is indeed the right way to dry off the body. But not a few are lazy to dry the towels after use.

Instead, we should quickly dry the wet towels after leaving the bathroom. Towels that are left in the bathroom for a long time will become damp, which can invite mold and bacteria to breed.

Penulis: | 1 September 2020 | blog